Mining The Gold In Hyvee Ads

If there is anybody left in this economy who is not trying to save money on groceries, or anything else they purchase on a regular basis, they are probably living under the proverbial rock. The weekly food bill seems to be rising with alarming regularity thanks to droughts, flood, hurricanes, earthquakes and crop failures. We all try to conserve wherever we can but it is getting harder to get the best value for a dollar no matter how cautiously we shop. Taking advantage of advertising and coupons, such as the ones found in your local Hyvee ads, is one smart way many people manage, to stretch their food budget.

The art of “couponing” works well on everything from bathroom tissue to baby food. Weekly ads can be downloaded online and used when you shop before the expiration date. Using Hyvee ads on a weekly basis, you can prepare your menus and your shopping list ahead of time. Watch your mailbox for additional ads and saving offers even if you use online venues. Recyclers and other throw away papers often have great savings deals or coupons in them as well as your local Sunday newspaper. Most major companies now have websites that will allow you to access additional coupons you can print at home.

Compare brands for comparable quality ingredients but lower pricing when on sale. By checking the first ingredient written on the can or package, you can usually tell whether any two products compare well to each other. If the lesser priced product has an identical first ingredient in an identical measurement, there is likely little, if any difference between them. Just by using generic or store brand items on a portion of your purchases, you can slash your weekly bill.

Keep in mind that doing all or most of your shopping at one superstore will save both time and gas. Organize your ads and coupons ahead of time with food items in one group and non-food in another. Using a coupon organizer or an old checkbook with dividers will keep your money savers at the ready at the checkout stand. Read the fine print in case you can only use one offer at a time on any particular product. Hyvee ads tend to be grouped together with similar items such as “Summer Fun Savings” which features picnic favorites or several non-food items such as bathroom tissue and paper towels.

This is handy when making a shopping list and is a good time saver. Check coupon websites for great, money saving recipes and new ways to use inexpensive cuts of meat. Your family can live better and eat healthier when you take the time to value shop with ads and coupons.

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